Umbrella Coverage

Your homeowners, auto and watercraft policies are your first line of defense, but when a claim exceeds the limits of your primary policy, an umbrella policy can provide additional protection. Personal umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection by covering costs that go beyond your other liability coverage limits.  

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What does umbrella insurance cover?

It covers the same types of costs as homeowners insurance, such as medical expenses, bodily injury to others and damages to the property of others.

Notable: Personal umbrella insurance provides additional coverage on top of your other liability policies.  If you don’t have other liability policies, you won’t be able to obtain an umbrella policy. 

Claims Examples:

  • Your dog runs out of the house and attacks a neighbor walking by. Your neighbor sues you to cover her medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. 
  • Your son gets into a fight at school and breaks another child’s nose. The boy’s parents sue you.
  • You cause a five car accident while driving on icy winter roads. Your auto policy’s property damage limit isn’t high enough to pay for the damage to all five cars and your personal liability limit isn’t high enough to pay for all of the injured people’s medical bills. 
  • You provide cookies for a local bake sale. Several people develop food poising and sue you. 
  • Your teenager throws a party at your home while you’re on vacation. Someone brings alcohol to the party and one of the party guests is charged with drunk driving on their way home.  You are sued. 

What does umbrella insurance not cover?

It doesn’t cover every type of claim and it does extend over property policies. 

Example: Let’s say a fire causes significant damage to your home.  The cost to replace your damaged home exceeds your limits.  You would have to cover the difference out of pocket because a personal umbrella does not cover losses to your property. 

Who should purchase a personal umbrella policy?

Everyone with liability insurance!  It is especially important given the frequency of lawsuits these days.  In particular, individuals that own or rent property, employ household staff, have a trampoline or hot tub or host large parties carry higher liability risks.  If you have a teenage driver, a swimming pool or a dog, umbrella insurance is a good safety net. 

How much does personal umbrella overage cost?

Umbrella coverage costs can depend on many factors including: amount and types of underlying coverage, number of vehicles, location, number of family members and more. The best way to see how much a personal umbrella might cost is to reach out to one of our agents for a quote. 

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