Our Team

Commercial Insurance

  • Bryan Avery Owner/Producer
  • Nettie R. Avery Owner/Producer
  • Robert Asa Jones Owner/Producer
  • Jack Sours
    Jack Sours
  • Joe Luetke
    Joe Luetke
  • Kimala Fite
    Kimala Fite
  • Kelsey Arbaney
    Kelsey Arbaney
  • Colleen Hause
    Colleen Hause
  • Audrey Phipps
    Audrey Phipps
  • Lori Robertson
    Lori Robertson
  • Jade Moss
    Jade Moss
  • Melea Losasso
    Melea Losasso
  • Debbie Nauroth
    Debbie Nauroth
  • Alexis Perkins
    Alexis Perkins
  • Kristine Toole
    Kristine Toole
  • Rudy Ruiz
    Rudy Ruiz
  • Kelli Weniger
    Kelli Weniger
  • Mindy Shue
    Mindy Shue
  • Beatrice Alanis
    Beatrice Alanis

Personal Insurance

  • Kimberly Hammon
    Kimberly Hammon
  • James Howell
    James Howell
  • Evelyn Cordero
    Evelyn Cordero
  • Angela Sampels
    Angela Sampels
  • Stacey Campos
    Stacey Campos
  • Lauren Lewis
    Lauren Lewis
  • Todd Thulson
    Todd Thulson
  • Shauntel Hotz
    Shauntel Hotz
  • Rikki Daniell
    Rikki Daniell
  • Amanda Wynn
    Amanda Wynn
  • Roland Dunn
    Roland Dunn

Life, Health & Benefits

Administration Team

  • Julie Ireland
    Julie Ireland HR, Controller
  • Shanti Cartmell
    Shanti Cartmell Operations Manager
  • Ryan Bolitho
    Ryan Bolitho
  • Dede Hofmann
    Dede Hofmann
  • Allison Bailey
    Allison Bailey
  • Sadee Lang
    Sadee Lang
  • Stephen Junker
    Stephen Junker
  • Daniell Sharp
    Daniell Sharp

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