Loss Control for Business

Loss control, sometimes referred to as risk management, is an important program for lowering the overall risk profile of your organization. Glenwood Insurance provides a strategic approach to reduce the likelihood of a claim being made against your business’s insurance policy.


What is loss control?

In the insurance industry, loss control is a risk management process that seeks to reduce the probability that an adverse event will occur, or the severity of an event if it does occur. Simple examples of loss control include implementing a driver safety program to reduce the likelihood of an auto accident and requiring the use of seatbelts to reduce the severity of injuries if an accident does occur.

Why should an organization make loss control a priority?

In short, it’s good business. Having care and concern for the health and well-being of employees and the general public, reducing insurance costs, complying with state and federal regulations, as well as protecting the reputation of the business are all benefits of a successful risk management program.

How do we support your loss control program?

We start by asking questions, observing your workplace, and listening to your concerns and needs. Using data and input from stakeholders within your organization, these risk factors can be ranked and prioritized, leading to a strategic approach of lowering the overall risk profile of your organization. We can then provide ideas and resources to help you implement your loss control program.

How do we work with Insurance Carriers?

Sometimes, an insurance carrier will send a loss control consultant to conduct a survey of your property or your organization’s operations. These surveys may be done in person or virtually. The loss control consultant will identify risks and determine what controls, if any, are in place to help reduce the probability or severity of a loss. If there are no controls in place, or the controls are deemed inadequate, the loss control advisor will make recommendations for improvement.

Glenwood Insurance is unique in having a risk management specialist on staff who manages carrier visits and accompanies the carrier’s loss control consultant during surveys.

What happens after a survey?

Implementing the recommendations may be a condition of the insurance carrier writing the policy or offering a renewal policy. Glenwood Insurance Agency’s risk management consultant can help you understand and implement the recommended controls and prepare a response to the carrier.

Ultimately, loss control benefits both the insurance carrier and the policy holder. The policy holder may see reduced premiums, as well as reducing or eliminating the disruptions that arise after a loss. The insurance company benefits from paying fewer or smaller claims.



A client in the hospitality industry was experiencing a high frequency of strains among their employees. Glenwood Insurance conducted a walk-through of the property and observed employees in each department performing their routine tasks. These observations allowed us to identify several opportunities to reduce the risks their employees face. We made recommendations that included making changes to their work practices, acquiring simple tools that offered better ergonomics, and training employees on proper body mechanics. We then led training sessions with the departments that were experiencing high rates of strains, customizing the training to the needs of each department.

While conducting the observations of their workplace, we also identified several other safety concerns that put employees at risk or constituted OSHA violations. We provided feedback on these risks, helping the client prioritize these risks and put a plan in place to address them.


After an employee experienced a serious injury, Glenwood Insurance was asked to help a contractor review their entire safety program. We found that they were missing a couple of OSHA mandated safety programs, and then provided them with templates to build programs that fit their company’s needs. During the program assessment, we found gaps in their OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping program. We helped them understand OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements and bring their records into compliance.

We also learned that the contractor was unsure of how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations applied to their operations. We provided resources to help them understand the regulatory requirements, and showed them how to track their performance on the Department of Transportation’s online Safety Management System.

What our clients are saying:

James Dallman Avatar
James Dallman
Angela Sampels has done a wonderful job for us. She has worked diligently in finding the right fit for our needs, including our autos and homeowners policies. She stays on top of our additions and changes. We highly recommend GIA for your insurance needs.
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Tina Marchini
I contacted Glenwood Insurance Agency for an auto quote for my daughter who goes to school in CO. James Howell responded to my request immediately, was understanding of our needs and provided quality customer service. He was professional and easy to talk with. Thank you James!
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Kaitlyn Wood
Everyone at glenwood insurance is amazing. It’s always a huge hassle trying to find an affordable rate for insurance, but they make it super easy. They are very professional and keep you updated along the process. They ask you questions that no other insurance agency has ever done for me, to get me great rates. Buying a car is a lot of work and headache, so I’m glad I can rely on these amazing people to take the extra hassle of finding good insurance that doesn’t break the bank. 10/10 highly recommend!!!
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