Other States Coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance requirements are different for each state.  Some states require more or different coverage than others.  If your business has employees that travel through or to other states for work, temporarily work outside of the business’ home state or if you have employees that regularly work in another state, you’ll need to understand your options for other states workers’ compensation coverage. 


All the elements of workers compensation coverage can vary between states, such as class codes, rates, owner requirement and laws regarding reciprocity agreements between states.  Reciprocity agreements can allow the injured or ill employee to receive the same benefits as if the injury or illness occurred in the employer’s home state.  Reciprocity agreements do not always provide identical benefits. Depending on the industry, classifications, number of employees and length of time in the other state, only limited reciprocity may be granted. 

To determine the best option for securing other states coverage, you’ll want to consider where the employee lives, where they employee works and how long the employee will be working outside of the home state. 

You may be able to amend you existing workers’ compensation coverage to include specifically listed other states.  Your carrier will then report your coverage to the other state on your behalf.  This expands your coverage and allows for an injured or ill employee to receive compensation benefits as the result of a work-related incident in another state.  Keep in mind that this coverage only extends to the states specifically named in your policy and cannot be extended to monopolistic states (North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming). 

Another option is to purchase a standalone other states policy.  Such a policy can cover multiple other states that are specially listed on the policy. 

Finally, you may be able to obtain an “all-states” workers’ compensation policy, which would extend coverage without having to name specific states. “All-states” policies will not include monopolistic states and can sometimes still exclude certain states so it is important to review your coverage carefully.   

Given the complexity of workers’ compensation coverage in other states, it is best to speak with one of our agents.  Our experts can help ensure you get the coverage your business needs. 

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