Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage (often referred to as MedPay) aids in covering medical expenses for injuries sustained in a vehicular accident.  This is a no fault coverage, meaning you have coverage no matter who the at fault party is.  It typically covers you, your employees and any passengers. There’s also protection under this coverage in the event you’re hit while walking or biking.


What does medical payments insurance cover?

Medical payments coverage usually includes:

  • Funeral expenses resulting from a vehicular accident
  • If you’re a passenger in a vehicle and you’re injured as the result of an accident
  • If you’re struck by a car while you’re walking or riding a bicycle
  • If passengers are injured while you are driving

Is medical payments insurance required?

Medical payments coverage is optional.  While you may have a great health insurance plan, it is important to remember that health insurance only covers you, while medical payments insurance covers both you and your passengers.

What isn’t covered by medical payments insurance?

Medical payments coverage does not cover injuries sustained by drivers or passengers in another vehicle.  If you cause an accident that results in injuries to the other vehicle’s driver or passengers, bodily injury liability will respond.  Medical payments coverage also does not cover property damage. 

How much does a business auto policy cost?

Business auto premiums are based on numerous factors.  These can include: the size of the business, type of vehicles, number of vehicles, number of drivers, radius of operation and the location of your business. 

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