Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Business auto insurance provides coverage for vehicles owned by a business. If you utilize personal or rented vehicles for work, hired and non-owned auto coverage, often called HNOA, might be a smart decision.  This type of coverage can be added to a general liability policy or a business auto policy.

HNOA covers liability expenses for auto accidents involving vehicles that your business doesn’t but own but uses for business purposes. This can include vehicles rented by your business or your employee’s personal vehicles that they use for work errands.  It is important to note that HNOA insurance doesn’t cover accidents that happen during commutes or personal errands.  It also doesn’t cover physical damages to the non-owned vehicle; you’ll need hired physical damage cover for this exposure.

Example: One of your employees uses their personal vehicle to drop off a business package at the post office. They cause an accident and the other driver sues your business.  HNOA can help cover the cost of medical treatment and repairs to the other vehicle. 


How much does a business auto policy cost?

Business auto premiums are based on numerous factors.  These can include: the size of the business, type of vehicles, number of vehicles, number of drivers, radius of operation and the location of your business.   

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