Special events

Event Insurance 101

Be Prepared with Special Event Insurance

If you have ever planned an event, you know how much effort is involved. Even with the most careful of planning, unexpected situations can come up. Make sure you’re prepared with special event insurance.

What is Event Insurance?

It covers short-term private and public events and protects the event holder from claims made against them due to injury to guests and spectators or damage to the venue. Event insurance may also offer coverage if you unexpectedly have to cancel your event.

What types of events need insurance?

Weddings, retreats, festivals, fairs, parades, parties and celebrations, meetings, sporting events, car shows, concerts and many more.

Do I need insurance for my event?

If you are using someone else’s space to hold an event, you will likely need special event insurance as it is often required by the venue in the rental agreement.

When should I purchase special event insurance?

It is a good idea to obtain event insurance as soon as you start making deposits or purchases for an event.

Types of Event Insurance

  • Event Liability Coverage
    • This type of coverage helps protect you if you are found to be responsible for property damage or injury caused during your event. For example, if the band you hired to play at your wedding damages the venue wall while playing, an event policy may help cover the cost of repairs. Likewise, if a wild guest accidentally bumps into a server and causes a fall, this coverage may help pay for the server’s medical expenses.
  • Event Cancellation Coverage
    • This coverage helps safeguard your investment if you have to postpone or cancel your event due to circumstances beyond your control. Some examples are weather, labor strikes, non-appearance of key people and unavailability of venue due to wildfires, floods or power outages.
  • Event Weather Coverage
    • This specific coverage helps protect against adverse weather conditions that can reduce revenue (think ticket sales, concessions and parking) at your event.

Contact Glenwood Insurance to secure coverage for your special event.? Hopefully your event goes off without a hitch but event insurance can help ease your worries and keep you focused on enjoying your special occasion.