Winter Safety

Winter offers many wonderful outdoor activities. Between skiing, sledding and ice skating there’s no shortage of opportunities to get outside.  Cold temperatures and winter conditions also bring hazards to your home and on the road.  Read on for tips to keep your home and loved ones safe this winter.

Did you know that more than 800,000 people a year are hospitalized due to a slip and fall injury? Snow, ice and wet conditions only increase the likelihood of an unpleasant accident!

Top Winter Safety Tips

  • Make sure your car has an emergency kit
  • Detach hoses from spigots outside of your house
  • Don’t walk in icy conditions with your hands in your pockets
  • Clear the snow off your roof
  • Use door mats outside and inside of entryways
  • Clean your chimney before you build a fire
  • Shovel your driveway and walkways regularly
  • Check your heating systems
  • Make sure your walkways have adequate lighting
  • Drive slowly and increase following distance

Be prepared.  Visit to see road conditions throughout Colorado.

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