Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Colorado law requires any entity with an employer-employee relationship to provide workers’ compensation insurance for that employee. This law protects employees for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, dismemberment and death. Glenwood Insurance partners with several insurance companies to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

Glenwood Insurance can offer workers’ compensation as part of an insurance package policy or can offer a stand-alone policy. We have many companies with which we can quote your workers’ compensation policy. Glenwood Insurance Agency, along with Pinnacol Assurance, can offer workers’ compensation safety programs through the Mountain States Better Business Bureau.

Each association promotes safety information to its members. By promoting safety their members may be entitled to group discounts and a possible dividend return. Contact our office for more information or to speak to us about membership into a safety group. Allow our staff to review your current workers’ compensation policy to ensure your policy is receiving maximum discounts.