Life Insurance

Why spend time on the internet with a company you don’t know, when you can utilize the service provided by the professionals at the Glenwood Insurance Agency when shopping for term life insurance. We review the pricing of over sixty different companies, and then guide you through the process of acquiring your life insurance. This is all done for the same price you will find on the internet sites.

Term Life

Term life insurance is a policy that provides pure life insurance protection for a specific length of time. Typical term policies are purchased for a period of ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years. During the term period, your life insurance amount and the premium payments will remain level. There is no cash value, or “investment”, in this type of life insurance.

Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance is designed to provide long-term protection when you have needs for an indefinite period of time. While more expensive than term insurance, you will have a cash value built up inside the policy on a tax-deferred basis. This provides you with flexibility during the life of the policy. While the main purpose for life insurance is to protect your family or your business, the investment in this policy can play a role in retirement, college education, or other lifetime goals.

Survivorship Life

Survivorship Life Insurance is designed for couples who need to provide a benefit at the time of the survivor’s passing. It is widely used for estate planning and special needs.Glenwood Insurance Agency works with the highest quality life insurance companies, in addition to accountants and estate planning lawyers, when recommending a plan of action for your personal situation. Call Scott 970-384-8330.