Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

The Glenwood Insurance Agency has a department dedicated to providing life and disability insurance to our clients.  We realize that this can be a specialized need. Protecting your family, your business, and your paycheck is the foundation of financial planning for your future.

Business Life Insurance

Life insurance can help you plan for the continuation of your business in different ways.  Do you need cash to cover a business loan in the event of an untimely death?  Do you and your partners need funding to purchase the ownership share of a partner’s estate?  Do you know the tools available to offset an immediate need that may come up?  Life insurance provides discounted dollars to cover those needs, and we can work with you, your attorney, and your accountant to put a plan in place that fits your goals.

Personal Life Insurance

Life insurance allows your family to have a choice by providing them immediate cash when it’s needed the most.  Your mortgage can be paid off, college education can be funded, and your family can avoid further disruption by knowing that they are financially secure, thanks to your decision to plan ahead financially.

Disability Insurance

We all protect our assets like our home and cars by insuring them against a loss.  But as long as we have our ability to earn an income, we can replace these.  What happens if we lose the ability to earn a paycheck?  Disability insurance is Paycheck Insurance.  It will provide an income for you when you aren’t able to.

We would be glad to have an initial consultation with you to see if we would be able to work together to design a program that provides you with peace of mind for your business or your family.

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