Individual/Family Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has made the process of covering your family more complex than it used to be.  The brokers at Glenwood Insurance can advise you on the options you have with ACA compliant plans through Connect for Health Colorado or directly with the insurance company.  The Affordable Care Act provides tax credits for those who qualify to make your premiums more affordable based on your income and the number of people in your family.

Glenwood Insurance can also assist you if you want to enroll with Medishare, the Christian ministry program, which is available any time during the year.  It is not insurance, but rather a sharing program that is not governed by the Division of Insurance.  It can be very affordable, and does not take income into consideration.

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Medicare Supplement

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Turning 65?  We can help with Medicare questions and provide a Medicare Supplement plan offered through United Healthcare.  It can be a very confusing time.  Let us help you sift through the mountains of mail you are getting and answer your questions regarding this transition in your health insurance.

Group Health Insurance

For businesses with two or more employees, the consultants at Glenwood Insurance Agency can work with you to put plan options together to cover your employees and their families.  We work with fully insured plans that offer guaranteed coverage; level funded plans that offer coverage for groups of ten or more employees that require medical underwriting; and self-insured coverage for larger employer groups.  We can help you decide which option would work best for you.

We also put packages together for dental, vision, disability, life insurance, and retirement plan options.

Our clients have access to an electronic enrollment and management platform, making it easier and more efficient to enroll your employees during open enrollment and throughout the year when you have new employees to add to your plan.  The platform can also be used during your renewal, and assist with ACA reporting requirements.

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Call us at Glenwood Insurance for more information or to have our consultants begin working with you to design a plan that works best for you.

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